Message From The Principal

I take immense pleasure to welcome you to Lumbini World School.

Lumbini World School (LWS) is an activity-based learning centre that offers exclusive child-centred education which is ingrained in globally acclaimed pedagogies. The school comprises safe and appealing infrastructures in which students get comfortably engaged, informed, empowered, and assessed for exciting learning outcomes.

The school hosts a team of academicians who have shown phenomenal exposures in national and global settings as prolific subject experts. Through their learnt expertise, the students will be introduced to the world’s innovative approaches for the acquisition of a range of skills of Maths, Science, IT, English and many more. In addition, the students will be engaged in a rigorous process of learning which they require to crystallise their cuddled dreams. 

The School Academic Leadership Team (SALT) is the core part of Lumbini World School that ensures every activity is learner centric and each activity the teacher conducts in the classroom generates purposeful results. Our strategic planning is another steppingstone in underpinning world-class education which is the ‘Gold Standard’ of LWS. The school continuously analyses the frameworks of teaching and learning model prepared in the beginning of the session with intensive teaching manual by each subject teacher. 

Our students will be equipped with behavioural and moral etiquettes which will remain with them as their valuable assets throughout their life. This sort of education has been a rare privilege in the context of Nepal; however, we have witnessed that a few schools in the nation’s capital city have already begun imparting such education. We are first school beyond Kathmandu valley to offer internally practised education consolidating our cultural norms and values into rigorous teaching and learning. It’s never late to take an initiative to bring a difference in people’s lives.

Financial considerations are essential for giving a head start to any kind of organisation, business or academia. So, a team of business persons, social activities and academicians of Rupandehi, Kathmandu and abroad decided to establish a learning centre that would bestow on learners educational, behavioural, and technical skills of the 21st century. As a result, the first activity-based progressive school of Lumbini Province has been established in Tilottama-13, Madhawaliya, Rupandehi.

We believe our pursuit of exceptional tutoring will be fulfilled when we are able to prepare future nation builders whose knowledge and wisdom play a significant role in laying the foundation stone for economic, social and educational transformations of the nation. In this regard, LWS offers internationally competitive education that prepares wise future leaders and responsible citizens. And we are proud that we can achieve this. 

We will feel more privileged to see you come to Lumbini World School and avail the information of all kinds of facilities we pledge to our students. 

Thank you.

Mr. Bishnu Prasad Dhakal