Our Commitments

May 11, 2020

In LWS, we are committed to ensuring a quality education with 21st century focused on holistic developments of every child. We take responsibility for these commitments and hold ourselves accountable for results.

We are working to create a culture of collective responsibility with our educators and support teams – as well as our families, students and our community – to ensure that Every Child Succeeds. To make this ‘culture shift’ a reality, we are dedicated to providing students focused learning environment with individual behavior supports needed to achieve success for all students. We also offer families with opportunities to be a part of the school community through volunteer projects, family committees and community events.

We believe that great people are the key. Our kids with the highest needs deserve the very best leaders and teachers every step of the way. LWS aims to be a strong foundation for success. Our team will be working every day to provide the most impactful supports for whole child development, including essential safety nets for kids, interventions or social-emotional supports.

We believe in ensuring best first instruction, so that every student makes learning gains in every lesson. We also recognize the need to address the issue of equity so that all LWS students have the opportunity to reach their goals.

In particular, our commitments will be centered on the following points:

  • Lumbini World School is committed to launch a new Program each year for our students as part of our Continuous Improvement Policy
  • For the children's welfare we are committed to be driven by the following policies that are established under our main policy guidelines: Child safeguarding policy, attendance policy, bus regulation, student teacher relationship, anti bullying policy, behavior rules, camping and trip rules and discipline, playground rules, anti-vandalism policy, disciplinary procedure, examination rules and academic honesty policy, baseline assessment policy, students reward policy, electronic gadget and others prohibited items policy, Student’s potential recognition policy dress code and proper grooming policy and finally home learning policy.
  • We are committed to imprinting the Inquiry-based 5E model Teaching Learning Practice in every aspect of Lumbini World School.
  • Professional Development Programs are offered to our faculties in a regular basis.
  • Evidence Based Progress Report of the children is provided based upon their performance.
  • At LWS sensitively designed classrooms offer various learning stations such as IT, mini library, hands-on activity corner and other world-class state-of-the-art platforms per teaching lesson requirements.
  • Last but not least, we are committed to make sure that LWS will be the best activity-based learning center in Lumbini province and very soon we aim to be one of the top ten exclusive center for activity-based teaching and learning institutions in Nepal.