May 11, 2020

Lumbini World School, located between the two large cities—Butwal and Bhairahawa—is an activity-based learning centre of Lumbini Province. The school stands in the sacred place which consolidates the significance of the birthplace of Gautam Buddha—Lumbini. So, LWS is proud to offer the life-changing education from the place where Gautam Buddha spread his eternal knowledge and insightful teachings across the globe.

The school’s motto is to redefine the teaching and learning mechanisms and to bring academic breakthroughs to conquer the existing traditional educational trends, such as rote learning, textbook-centered teaching, conventional teaching practices, lack of proper evaluation and feedback of the students, to  name a few.

We proudly aim to be the pioneering educational institution in Nepal based on our unique style of teaching and providing our students with world-class educational facilities. LWS serves students from Pre-School to Grade- 10 who will find our 5E Teaching and Learning Model convincing, engaging and progressive. In addition to our general programmes, we also offer multi-dimensional skill building opportunities to the students who require support from skilled teachers and mentors to acquire post-secondary education prospects, career opportunities, and independent life.

All the students at LWS have access to small class sizes, specialized instructions and individualized academic support. In addition to maintaining a rigorous academic programme focused on college and career readiness, we also provide our students with explicit instructions on social-emotional learning, self-regulation, and executive functioning skills. We enable students to be engaged in a wide range of exciting and engaging co-curricular and extracurricular activities so that they thrive on their learning endeavours and eventually achieve an appealing career.  

LWS welcomes inquiries and referrals from the parents, guardians and community agencies. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to working collaboratively to meet the unique needs of each student we accommodate. Our ambition is to establish LWS as a globally acclaimed learning centre through the educational service to inquisitive, pioneering and global minded generations who will be able to invent, innovate and compete globally.